The Olympic Valley Public Service District provides services for 44 commercial entities and approximately 1,600 residential units. Commercial customers consist of the ski resort, hotels, schools, churches and many winter sports service businesses. The privately held Squaw Valley Mutual Water Company provides water in the Valley for approximately 280 residential customers.

Water Meter Readings

Water Service Fees

OVPSD Water Code

District regulations related to the design and construction of water infrastructure, including connections to the District water system, are defined in the District Water Code and Technical Specifications. 

Utility Easements

To allow for easy access to water and sewer infrastructure, the District does not permit the installation of any objects (landscaping, structures, boulders, fill, etc.) within water and sewer easements.  More information about easements can be found in the Easements FAQs. Please reach out to the District at (530) 583-4692 ext. 210 prior to making any improvements to check that there is not a conflicting easement on your property.

District Permitting Process

The District requires homeowners to obtain a permit prior to starting any remodel or new construction projects.  The permitting process includes submission of an application and an electronic copy of plans to the District.  Please see the following links for more information:

Backflow Prevention Information


Any unprotected connection to the water system causing the flow of water or other liquids, gases, mixtures or substances into the distributing pipes can potentially contaminate the potable water supply. By-pass arrangements, jumper connections, removable sections, and swivel or changeover devices can cause this problem.

The District requires Cross-Connection Protection Devices whenever back-flow protection has been found necessary. The District requires the water user to install an approved backflow prevention device, at the customer’s expense, before new service is granted.

Please reference the District Administrative Water Code Division XI  for details on this requirement and view the Backflow Test Form here.

Contact the Operations Department at (530) 583-4692 if you have any questions.

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