The Olympic Valley Public Service District (District) provides sewer collection and maintenance of the sewer system within Olympic Valley.  Sewage collected within the Valley is conveyed to the Truckee-Tahoe Sanitation Agency (T-TSA) for treatment.  The District does not own or operate any sewer treatment facilities.  The District serves approximately 1,010 sewer connections that flow into 28-miles of collection pipes. 

Preventing sewer system overflows is a responsibility shared by home and business owners, visitors, and District Staff. Click here to learn how you can help prevent sewer system overflows and protect our mountain environment.

Sewer Service Fees

OVPSD Sewer Code

District regulations related to the design, construction, and utilization of sewer infrastructure are defined in the District Sewer Code and Technical Specifications.

Sewer Lateral Pressure Testing

The District requires sewer lateral pressure testing for new construction, remodels, and change of property ownership.  Please refer to the Sewer Lateral Pressure Testing page for more information.

Utility Easements

To allow for easy access to water and sewer infrastructure, the District does not permit the installation of any objects (landscaping, structures, boulders, fill, etc.) within water and sewer easements.  More information about easements can be found in the Easements FAQs.  Please reach out to the District at (530) 583-4692 ext. 210 prior to making any improvements to check that there is not a conflicting easement on your property