2021 Fire Season Restrictions and Defensible Space 

The region is currently under a burn ban which will stay in affect until fall moisture arrives. Wood and charcoal burning is banned, learn more here

Please work to have your property in compliance with defensible space requirements and maintain it until the fall moisture arrives. All homes and vacant lots in Olympic Valley and the Truckee River corridor will be inspected for defensible space compliance beginning June 14, 2021. Click here for more information

The District will reimburse the cost of one 6 cubic-yard green waste dumpster per property, read more about the details here

Defensible Space

Fire season is upon us and Olympic Valley Fire Department conducts an annual wildland fire prevention program with a simple goal at hand: to prevent life and property losses from wildland fire.  We accomplish this through public cooperation and enforcement of California's defensible space laws, Public Resource Code 4291. These laws are designed to help firefighters protect your community during a wildland fire, and more importantly, help your home stand alone when firefighting resources are limited.  Please have your property in compliance, and maintain it until the fall moisture arrives.

All homes and vacant lots in Olympic Valley and the Truckee River corridor will be inspected for defensible space compliance beginning June 14th, 2021. To ensure compliance with California's defensible space laws and to protect our community, please follow the guidelines outlined in the self-inspection checklist provided below.  TTSD will have free green waste dumpsters for your defensible space debris on June 12th from 7:00am to 2:00pm located at Station 21, 305 Squaw Valley Road.

In order to maintain your Firewise Community Certification, every year hours and/or expenses spent doing the items on this checklist must be documented.  Please keep a record and, either along the way or at the end of the fire season, input these hours and/or expenses at: http://www.ovfirewise.net. The Olympic Valley Firewise Committee has also created a short, four-question survey to better understand the needs of the community regarding additional wildfire mitigation programs. The survey can also be found at www.ovfirewise.net  Thank you for your participation!


Defensible Space Self-Inspection Checklist


  • Make street address visible from the street, contrasts with the background and a minimum of 5 inches in height
  • Annual grasses and weeds need to be maintained at 4 inches or less 100 feet from house or to property line
  • Remove pine needles, thin brush and other flammable vegetation 100 feet from house or to property line 
  • Maintain the roof of any structure free of pine needles, leaves, or any other dead/dying debris
  • Cut grasses, thin brush and other flammable vegetation to one hundred feet from house or to property line
  • Clear debris - slash and needle piles, construction debris and flammable storage from around structure
  • Clear vegetation to mineral soil around firewood storage piles
  • Remove brush, limbs, grass, needles and debris ten feet in all directions from around propane tank
  • Limb trees up a minimum of 6 feet from the ground
  • Remove dead tree limbs adjacent to or overhanging any structure or decks
  • Remove all portions of trees within ten feet from chimneys and/or stovepipe outlets
  • Remove all dead and dying trees from the property
  • Install a 1/8-inch mesh screen spark arrester on chimneys, stovepipes, and appliances that burn solid fuels
  • Maintain defensible space a minimum of 10 feet from the shoulder of the roadway
  • Remove any hazardous vegetation constituting an extreme fire hazard, as determined by the code official


Failure to comply with defensible space laws can result in the County of Placer performing the abatement of your violations.  Placer County is authorized under this county code to seek full recovery of abatement, enforcement, investigation, processing costs, and administration charges from you and, if necessary, is authorized to lien the property to satisfy said recovery.  (County Code Part 4, 9.32.200-9.32.210)  www.placer.ca.gov

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at prevention@ovpsd.org

Download our list of defensible space contractors (PDF)

Olympic Valley Fire Department thanks you for your efforts to mitigate the wildland fire threat in our beautiful community.