The District provides snow removal services on Olympic Valley's bike trails during the winter months.  After a sucessful two-year pilot program, the District extended the plowed trail network by an additional mile, providing an excellent alternative to the multitude of outdoor activities available to visitors and residents. The Class I bike trail runs from the traffic light on Highway 89 to both the Palisades Tahoe Village and the Resort at Squaw Creek.

The District is providing snow removal services through a contract with Placer County using funds from the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT). For six winters, the program was funded two-thirds by TOT funds administered by the North Lake Tahoe Resort Association and Placer County and one-third by generous contributions from the Resort at Squaw Creek, Squaw Valley Business Association, Squaw Valley Ski Resort and the Squaw Valley Property Owners Association.

In winter of 2018, Placer County began providing snow removal service at the Olympic Valley Park adding parking and access with an eastern trailhead. You can park at the Olympic Valley Park to access the trail: head east a short distance to the Tower of Nations (1960 Olympics) or head west for about a mile to the Resort at Squaw Creek, two miles to make it all the way to the Palisades Tahoe Village.